Case Study – The Making of a Product Placement


Dassault Falcon Jet – The Sum of All Fears

Target to high and major corporate CEO’s; large corporations that have the purchasing power to buy a $40+ million aircraft.
Why be in movies? Because Dassault’s audience also goes to see major Hollywood feature films and they know the difference between a Falcon and a Gulfstream Jet.

Dassault Falcon Jet was able to receive a placement in The Sum of All Fears (Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck), over their major competitors and be associated with the CIA/FBI. Whereas previously, Gulfstream was solely purchased by the US government, due to Dassault’s visibility in major Hollywood films, they are now directly related to the American government.

- Increased sales for Dassault Falcon Jet
- Gained market share previously monopolized by their competitors
- Increased awareness for those who purchase aircrafts

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