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Millennium Development Goals - Event Book

The Millenium Development Goals Youth Video Awards were initiated and established by Marsha R. Levine in honor of the MDG’s to empower youth to produce videos based upon sound principles to further the development of the planet.
The MDG Awards highlight the importance of the Millenium Development Goals year on year until 2015 as an international global-focus webcast and broadcast spectacle.

Millennium Development Goals - Event Book

Goodwill Ambassadors are proud to present the Millennium Goals Awards:

Scarlett Johansson: “I am honored to be working hand in hand with the MDG Awards to support, insist upon and celebrate the Millennium Goals […] established by every nation recognized by the UN.”

Akon: “To be a Founding Ambassador for the Millennium Goals Awards is a great honor. […] Everywhere I travel, I am moved by those waging war against poverty, hunger, and disease.”

UN MDG Youth Video Awards

Kids Ocean Day

Aerial Art – 4,000 kids in a human sculpture for Earth Sustainability

Kids Ocean Day

Kids filming their video entry

Elliot’s Movie – Crossroads School Summer Animation program
Culture of Peace

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