Batman v Superman statue


Here’s an interesting inside look at concept and execution in the design of the statue.

Superman‬ – the beginning


‪#‎Superman‬ – the beginning. The whole truth and nothing but the truth or is it – hmmm

Darkseid fathers and boxes next up. Stay tuned for the next release in the DC slate from ‪#‎WB‬.


Darkseid fathers and boxes next up. Stay tuned for the next release in the DC slate from ‪#‎WB‬

Batman v Superman Premier


Following in the partnership initiated by the product placement by A List for Turkish Airlines, the airline also sponsored the U.S. premiere of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” During the event, members of the cast were seen on the red carpet which was officially released in theatres Friday, March 25th.

Both Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck were seen in the Turkish Airlines Super Bowl advertisements, in which they announce the airlines newly added destinations: Gotham City and Metropolis. The film features Turkish Airlines in a climactic scene, set on one of the airline’s Boeing 777 aircrafts.

Zach Snyder has also made a special announcement regarding the partnership: “We’re also excited to be a part of the movie’s premiere with fans from around the world. And coming soon, there’s one more piece of good news for our passengers. Turkish Airlines is proud to introduce the first in-flight premiere of the film outside of theaters as part of our in-flight entertainment systems.”

This is one of the largest product placement partnerships in history. It all stems from the original product placement in the film, initiated by our own Marsha R. Levine. She was able to time the deal perfectly in order to initiate the partnership.
Don’t miss “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Come see our historic product placement on the silver screen. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this monumental film.

Batman v Superman Featurette


The curation of a brand in a film as a product placement is an innate interpretation of the feel and the emotion of the filmmaker from the written page. We are delighted by Zach Synder’s comments regarding our vision of the placement of Turkish Airlines.


“Once you enter such as fantastical world as BvS and you take a real world product and company like TA and you bring it in to set the world as real that’s the thing I was inspired by as a filmmaker.

And I thought like wow we have created what we believe is a really fantastical world with BvS but the presence of TA really makes me fee like these things are actually happening. “

Zach Synder



WB concern on public reaction


Evil vs God. Man vs God. God vs Evil. Man vs Evil.

Is it really a question of man vs god

Batman vs. Superman Product Placement Turkish Airlines

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Marsha R. Levine, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based product placement agency A List Entertainment, Inc., has scored another successful aircraft placement in Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. As seen in the latest film trailer, Levine’s placement of Turkish Airlines will expand its global reach into the US market as its aircraft appears in one of several highly anticipated scenes within the superhero plotline.

Levine’s latest success builds on decades of successful aircraft product placement in major studio films. This will mark the airline’s first product placement in a major motion picture, adding to A List Entertainment’s long list of aircraft product placements, including Dassault Falcon Jet as featured in America’s Next Top Model; Bombardier, as featured in Summit Entertainment’s Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 1; Swiss Airlines, as featured in the upcoming Sony release of Inferno starring Tom Hanks; along with other brand features in prominent titles such as Warner Bros.’ The Client, The Pelican Brief, The Departed and Universal’s Fast and Furious franchise.

Marsha R. Levine



Marsha R. Levine /Istanbul

A List Entertainment mastermind Marsha R. Levine builds on the agency’s impressive track record with another aircraft placement, this time for Turkish Airlines in the upcoming Warner Bros. release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Levine founded A List Entertainment, Inc. in 1990. A pioneer in the field of aviation placements, Levine has become one of the leaders in brand integration and product placement and speaks worldwide. She is also known for her historic placements, such as Duracell in The Matrix and Dr Pepper in Spiderman 2.

Levine is one of the founders of the Product Placement Association established in 1991. She sat on the board for two terms, headed its Ethics Committee and was instrumental in establishing product placement guidelines and business practices.

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